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12/03/14 Island Beach State Park

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The foxes are looking much healthier this year. This was the first time I heard any sound coming from a fox. The female seemed to be giving the male some lip. She was playing in the sand and chewing on some bark while the male was following the fishermen looking to steal some bait. They were also performing their little mating dance.

1 7z-DSC_2279a1N3600

The trail to the beach.

2 99-DSC_2363a1N600

This guy kept me company while I photographed the trail.

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4 99-DSC_2115a1D600

5 99-DSC_2451a1N3600

6 99-DSC_2566a3Nx600

7 99-DSC_2374a5P600

8 99-DSC_2338HDR1N3600

The Nature Center from the beach.

9 99-DSC_2583a3N600


11/11/14 Island Beach

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Still trying to catch up on these posts, I’m getting there. Forgive me for blasting you with all these posts. The pain will be over soon. Here are some shots from Island Beach. As you probably noticed, I spend a lot of time down there. I’m only about twenty minutes away, its one of my favorite places. Wildlife, the bay, and the ocean all in one area.

1 1-DSC_2062a1600

2 16-DSC_1920a1600

3 15-DSC_2067a7600


5 7-DSC_1982a1N600


4 5-DSC_2004a3Nx600

6 11-DSC_1953a1NxX600


11/09/14 Snowy Owls Return

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Last winter was the first incursion of Snowy Owls in New Jersey in about eighty years. No one knew if it would be a one time occurrence or if they would return. Well, during the first week of November this guy showed up at the Forsythe Wildlife Refuse – Holgate Unit on Long Beach Island. After a two mile walk down the beach, I ran into the Snowy. What an exciting moment to see this magnificent creature on the Jersey Shore after his long journey from the Arctic. Since that day at least two more have arrived at Island Beach State Park and another at the main Forsythe location in Galloway Township. Photos from Island Beach will follow.

1 1z-DSC_1690X5600

2 5z-DSC_1435aV7600

3 13z-DSC_1804a7N600

4 5 Snowy600

5 9z-DSC_1664a3V5N3D600

6 7z-DSC_1552a3N600

7 1-DSC_0799a1600

A juvenile bald eagle flew over at this moment.


8 7z-DSC_1883a5Nxy600

A peregrine falcon was hanging out.


9 3z-DSC_1770a3VN3600

A cooper’s hawk flew over also.