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05/19/10 Spring Lake

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Spring Lake is my favorite shore town to photograph.  This afternoon the sky was incredible.

Don’t usually shoot weddings, but they are good friends.  Peg and John had a beautiful reception at the Laurita Winery in New Egypt, NJ.  Talk about “fun”, multiply that by ten for this crowd!

05/07/10 Cape May

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Cape May is a wonderful location to visit and photograph.  It’s full of wildlife, especially birds during the migration period.  The one place in New Jersey where you can photograph the sun setting over the ocean.

06/26/10 France Trip

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Back in February, I had the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam, Belgium, and France. I just fell in love with Paris.  The “City of Lights” is gorgeous.  One day, we took a four hour bus ride in the snow out to Normandy.  It was very emotional to see Omaha Beach and the 7000 graves of the soldiers that never made it home.

Day 1

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Thought it would be fun to start a blog.  Maybe keep a daily record of my photography “adventures”.  No safari in Africa, just some local destinations.  I currently live in Toms River, NJ at the Jersey Shore. Please visit my website at: