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I went cruising the streets of Philadelphia with my friend and photographer, Scott O’Donnell. We walked around for several hours and spent some time in the Philadelphia Suburban Railroad Station. There’s always interesting people in the city.

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I went down to the coaster early this morning. It may be my last time photographing the Jet Star, it is scheduled to be taken down this week. Such a beautiful night and I was lucky to photograph the Milky Way and catch a couple of meteors just above the coaster. The second image was taken at 3:45 AM. This may be an iridium flare from a satellite or a meteor. I had a great time and will miss our quiet nights together.

1 DSC_0556a9600

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5 DSC_0553a7600

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3 DSC_0641a7600

The clouds were crazy on Tuesday night in Spring Lake. Perfect to test out a new wide angle lens.

1N7 DSC_0462aN7600

2n DSC_0522aN

3 DSC_0470aN600

4 DSC_0498aN600

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6 DSC_0494aN600

04/30/13 IPhone Pics

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My D800 died on me while on the beach in Seaside.  It was such a gorgeous night, I shot a bunch with my IPhone. This is where the Ferris Wheel used to sit.  I had such an empty feeling in my gut. The last two were shot a few days before with my Nikon D800.

1x photo103aN600

2x photo15aN600

3x photo5aL7600

10 DSC_9624aLb7N600

11 DSC_9612HDR1a3N600