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07/07/17 Common Loon Nest #2

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Unfortunately, the single common loon chick from this nest did not make it. No one is sure what happened. Last year’s nest was under water this year. They decided to make a nest on the bank up the pond. It was a very flimsy nest, if any nest at all. Seems like she just laid the egg on the bank and started sitting on it, as you see in the first two photos. ¬†Let’s hope they try again soon. Last year they had two successful chicks that fledged in the Fall. These loons share the pond with a family of Common Mergansers. The mergansers need to be aware of the loons whereabouts at all times because the adult loons will attack the mergansers. I have witnessed this a few times, the mergansers climbed on the rocks to avoid the loon’s submarine type attacks.

101 1-DSC_4885a1mLcD1100

The loon on the right is on the egg.

102 3-DSC_4827a1c960

Not an impressive nest.

103 3z-DSC_4721a1cmX1100

104 7-DSC_4728a1cMD1100

106 3-DSC_4525a1cmDN960

Merganser Family

105 1z-DSC_4521a1mDN960


07/01/17 Common Loons

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Last year, it took this pair of Loons three attempts to finally successfully hatch two chicks. It was getting close to the lake freezing, but the chicks fledged in time. This year they are on their second nest. Not sure what happened with the first. Something may have gotten to the eggs, if there were any. Well, there is at least one egg that I could see on the new nest. The adults take turns sitting on the eggs. Hopefully in 28 days, a baby or two will appear. I am following several loon nests in the Acadia area. Updates on the others in the future.

501 1-DSC_4476a1cmLD1100

1st nest behind the rocks

503 1-DSC_5306a3cDx1100

2nd nest a few yards away

504 13-DSC_6483a1cDc3N1100

505 3z-DSC_6512a1cmAL1100

Just before the switch

506 7-DSC_6615a1cN1100

After the switch

507 15-DSC_6458a1cD1100

508 11-DSC_6576a1DN1100

Dad’s turn

509 1z-DSC_5630a1cm31100


511 17z-DSC_6486a5cD1100

512 11-DSC_4572a1mL960


06/30/17 Barred Owls

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My third encounter with the Barred Owl family this summer. On this day I only spotted one of the adults. I’m pretty sure the other adult with the three owlets were somewhere in the area, but I didn’t see them. I hope to folow them through the Fall.

101 1zZ-DSC_0657a1c1mLD1500


103 7-DSC_0804a1cmLD1500


105 5-DSC_0701a1mLD31100

06/28/17 Bass Lighthouse

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I will visit Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse many times over the next several months. Such an iconic location. Always a challenge to find an open spot between all the photographers. The best time is after everyone has left. The last two images were shot in Acadia Park off the Loop Road near Otter Cliffs.

101 3z-DSC_4206a1ALDx31100

102 1z-DSC_4364a1L3960

105 99-Me960

Friend, Harry Collins, caught me in action.

103 5zZ-DSC_3508a1LADxB31100

Near Otter Cliffs

104 1zA-DSC_3589a3LR960

Harry just after sunset.

Headed back to one of my favorite places, Machias Seal Island, the breeding home for Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, and other seabirds. My friend, Harry Collins, and I left Bar Harbor at sunrise for the two hour car ride to Cutler in northern Maine. Then we took a lobster boat for the one hour boat trip to the island. Machias Seal Island is protected, only fifteen people are allowed on the island at once. We spent the next hour in a blind. The puffins are not afraid of humans and will come right up to the blind and sometimes seem to look in the window. There is no need for a telephoto lens. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and smooth boat ride. We where happy to see the adults bringing back lots of fish for the chicks. That was not the case last year when only 15% of the chicks survived. The puffins put on quite the show.

101 1z-DSC_3673a1cm3D1100

102 11z-DSC_3957a1cLDx1500

103 5-DSC_0507a1cML1100


105 9z-DSC_0522a1cmLD960

106 19-DSC_0535a1mmLD1100

107 17-DSC_0467a1cLD1100

108 3z-DSC_0337a1mAD1100

109 13z-DSC_3642a1cLDx1500

110 15-DSC_0414a1cL960

112 21-DSC_3729a1700


113 23-DSC_0525a1960

111 5-DSC_4264a1cmL960



06/24/17 Acadia at Night

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My friend and photographer, Harry Collins, came up to Mount Desert Island for a week. This gave me the incentive to get out and shoot the stars. The moon was dark and the skies were clear for several nights. The two of us spent many hours chasing the Milky Way around Acadia National Park. We had a great week including a trip to Machias Seal Island to photograph the puffins. Those photos will follow in the next post.


Sand Beach

102 1zZ-DSC_3810a1LD700

Otter Cliffs


Jordan Pond

104 1z-DSC_3999a1ALDL1100

Boulder Beach


Thunder Hole


Sand Beach