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09/06/13 NASA’s “LADEE” Launch

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On Friday night at 11:27 PM, NASA’s “LADEE” (Luna Atmosphere Dust Environmental Explorer) was launched from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Most of the east coast could view the path across the beautiful clear sky. With little time, I raced down to Island Beach State Park, the closest dark area. Quickly set up my gear and within two minutes the rocket was speeding directly at me. It was quite an awesome sight. After the launch I stayed for another 180 exposures and stacked them for a star trail. As usual a few fox showed up to keep me company.

3 Trail6x600

1 Trail8x600

5 StarTrail3x600

7 DSC_7094a5600

5xx DSC_6584a3600

09/05/13 Funtown Pier

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After passing the three remaining ferris wheel gondolas many times from behind the fence on the boardwalk, I wanted to get a few images before they are gone forever. On this night, the boardwalk was crowded, but the pier was deserted. I wonder what they plan to do with these cars.

1x DSC_6771a3600

6 DSC_6812aV3600

End of the pier. The rest dropped into the ocean.

3 DSC_6793aN600

7 DSC_6754aN600

2 DSC_6829aN600

Under the pier.

4 DSC_6694a9600

8 DSC_6831a3600

08/27/13 Trip to Boston

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On the way back from Rockland, Maine we stopped over in Boston. The highlight was the Boston Public Library. The oldest public funded library in America. Since my wife is a high school librarian, this was a must see. It was a pretty impressive piece of history.

3x DSC_6358aNL1200

4y DSC_6348aL5600

1x DSC_6359aNL31200

7x DSC_6298aN600

Downtown Boston

2x DSC_6355aNL1200