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07/30/10 Otter Cliffs PM

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Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park at dusk …

07/29/10 The South Bubble

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We hiked up the South Bubble mountain this afternoon.  Just incredible views of Jordan Pond below. That’s the famous Bubble Rock. It looks like it’s ready to roll off the side of the mountain any minute.

This is Jordan Pond from ground level with both “Bubbles” in the distance.

07/27/10 Schooner Head

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Several images shot at dusk from the rocks on Schooner Head. The house on the hill in the background is called the “Lawyer’s House”. I guess only a lawyer could afford it. Martha Stewart has a home in Seal Harbor. We kayaked past it a couple of times.

07/27/10 Acadia

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Recent images from Acadia …

Sharon and Isabella after a long day of hiking and kayaking.

07/26/10 The Quiet Side

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 Some shots from the “quiet side” of Mount Desert Island, Maine.

The Sea Wall

Bass Lighthouse

Somesville Bridge

Frenchman Bay

Frenchman Bay

Just some more flowers from Allan and Joan’ s beautiful garden.

Joan & Allan Kleinman

With Allan as the guide, we climbed three hours up (two hours down) to find this rare Wood Lily. There were about one hundred of them on top of the mountain. The climb kicked my butt, but was routine for Allan and Joan.

Wood Lily

07/23/10 The Beehive

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Another early morning hike, this time up the Great Head mountain path. From the top, you have a fantastic view of  “The Beehive” and Sand Beach. On the way up, I met this fawn and it’s mom.

07/22/10 Otter Cliffs

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We hiked the Otter Cliffs trail this morning. It runs along the rocky costline and ends up at Sand Beach, the only white sand beach in Acadia.

07/21/10 Jordan Pond

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The weather on Jordan Pond in Acadia can change in minutes. When we started our kayak, the visibility on the pond was clear. On the return about an hour later, it was completely fogged in.  We ran into several beavers, who slapped their tails on the water as a warning.

07/19/10 Seal Cove Pond

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We kayaked the Seal Cove Pond in Acadia this morning. There were hundreds of these stunning white water lilies. Tough to shoot a macro from the kayak. I kept picturing my D700 sinking to the bottom of the pond.