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01/27/12 Seaside Heights

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A beautiful night in the 60’s at the boardwalk with very strong winds. Sand blowing everywhere … my poor camera.

01/25/12 New YorK City

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I went into the city to see the Vivian Maier exhibit. A couple of shots along the way …¬†



01/23/12 Bradley Beach

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A few shots from Bradley Beach and Spring Lake before the rain.

Some additional images from Grand Central Terminal.

01/17/12 Grand Central Terminal

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Grand Central Terminal is always an interesting place to photograph.

01/11/12 Atlantic Puffin

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“Atlantic Puffin” received “Image of the Year” at the Cranbury Digital Camera Club last night. If you live in the Cranbury area, you should check out this camera club. They are loaded with talented photographers and it’s a great place to learn. The club meets every other Wednesday.

The photo was taken at Machias Seal Island off the coast of Maine.

01/10/12 Snowy Squirrel

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The Snowy Squirrel image gets around (NG Website) …

01/06/12 Asbury Park

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A beautiful January night in Asbury …