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01/29/14 The Estuary

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I haven’t been getting out much due to the freezing cold weather. Tonight I went out back to photograph the estuary behind my townhouse. I only lasted about 10 minutes.

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1/24/14 Snowy Owl at Forsythe

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My friend, Bob Cannon and I travelled to Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge to look for the Snowy Owl. The fist time around the dirt road, we came up empty. We decided to take one more shot and drove around a second time. The snowy flew right past the car and put on quite a show. It was hunting and kept hovering in place for several seconds at a time. Eventually, the snowy landed on the snow and ice in the distance. My hands were numb even with the gloves on in the bitter cold. The light only lasted for a short time, but the sunset over Atlantic City was pretty spectacular.

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Stopped by Island Beach on the way.

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A quick walk on the beach in Island Beach State Park yesterday. There wasn’t much light left and I didn’t find the Snowy Owl. But, I did find a fox and a crazy sunset over the Barnegat Bay.

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Even when you don’t see the Snowy Owl, Island Beach State Park is still a pretty awesome park to explore. No Snowy Owl for me today, but a fox was waiting at my car when I returned. I never get tired of meeting the fox. They are such gentle, beautiful animals. It was too dark to take any shots of the fox, so we just sat down together and hung out for a while.

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Tracks of a man and a fox.

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01/06/2014 Happy New Year

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Happy 2014 to everyone. Have a great year … Ray & Sharon.  Thanks to Amber LaFrance for the photo.

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