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08/15/12 Asbury Park

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A couple of shots of my favorite stomping grounds.

Stars of Acadia V

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Some remaining images from Acadia in July …

Sand Beach

Boulder Beach

Opposite the Seawall

Great Head Trail


The Seawall




07/20/12 Stars of Acadia IV

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I never photographed the night skies much. But after 5 days/nights with Jack Fusco I have so many images. I’ll post more as I process them. The night skies in Maine are incredible.  We may head up again in October to catch the foliage and the stars. Sleep will not be an option.

Otter Cliffs

Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond



08/07/12 Swings

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I’ve always been mesmerized by the “swings”. I stopped by the Point Pleasant boardwalk the other night to get a few motion shots.

08/06/12 Mantoloking

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The skies were crazy the other night.  I was running out of time, so I pulled into a small marina in Mantoloking to catch the sunset.



07/21/12 Stars of Acadia III

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I’m still working on tons of images from Acadia National Park. These are several shots from the 5 nights when Jack Fusco was here. The skies were dark, clear, and just incredible. Acadia has some of the darkest locations on the east coast. We didn’t get much sleep, but we loved it.

Jordan Pond

Grounds at Jordan Pond

Otter Cliffs

The Loop Road