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While Island hopping the Porcupines in our kayaks, we met these characters on the Frenchman Bay off Bar Harbor.

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This loon really put on a show.

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Cormorants checking us out as we paddle by.

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The “Maestro”.

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5 11-DSC_7071a1b600

The Maasdam in the harbor.

It was such a beautiful night, I headed out to Thunder Hole and Cadillac Mountain for a few shots.

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Looking south towards Otter Cliffs.

2 11zz-DSC_6663a5600

The end of the platform at Thunder Hole.

3 9z-Trail-Cad600

A Star Trail over Cadillac Mountain.

4 13-DSC_6694a5D600

The Loop Road.

5 15zz-DSC_6689a1600

Looking back towards Sand Beach.

Sunrise at Boulder Beach and sunset at Seal Harbor in Acadia National Park.

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3 3-DSC_6331a1N700

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5 1-DSC_6308a3600xN3L

I was very excited when I received a text alert about possible Northern Lights activity later that evening. The projection was for moderate levels, which can be hit or miss in this area. The plan was to set up at the foot of Jordan Pond in Acadia, which faces directly north, and to shoot continuous all night long. I was set to go at about 9 PM. Around 11 PM, I could see a very slight glow over the horizon. But the LCD on the camera was picking up strong purple colors. The strongest activity lasted about 15 minutes, although a weaker aurora lasted most of the night. Once the clouds rolled in around midnight, I headed to Cadillac Mountain, but the light pollution and cloud cover facing north was too strong. So back to Jordan Pond I went. The clouds cleared and I stayed till around 3 AM. The loon calls were echoing all through the night, which was pretty cool. The star trails were from the last hour at Jordan Pond.

1 3zzZ-DSC_5999a5600

2 4z-JTrailNL600

3 11-DSC_6066a7x600

The clouds rolling in around midnight.

4 2 3zzz-DSC_5816a9xyz700

This was Thunder Hole on a previous night.

5 4 5z-DSC_5830a3700

Moonrise at Thunder Hole.

I spent a couple of hours climbing around on the rocks off the loop road near Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park. My wife was safe and comfortable in her chair on the rocks with her wine enjoying the last hours of daylight.

1 3z-DSC_5737a3600

2 1z-DSC_5763a1600

A wedding couple were taking “selfies” on the rocks.

3 5-DSC_5735a1600

4 9-DSC_5741a3N600

5 11-DSC_5730a1N600

07/04/15 Gone to the Dogs

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Just a fun afternoon shooting some new friends I made at Little Long Pond in Acadia National Park in Maine. No one has more fun than a Golden Retriever in water.

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This was his buddy.

12 11-DSC_5125a3N600

13 13-106-DSC_5136a3600

14 15-104-DSC_5200a1N600

15 19-108-DSC_5126a1600

Sharon and I ran into a couple of loons this morning on Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park, Maine. The one loon was very interested in me and my kayak and floated by only a few feet away several times. He was calling his mate on the other side of the lake. She responded each time. Such a beautiful haunting call, especially from this close on the water. I also photographed a family with two chicks at Upper Hadlock Pond on the next day. The male and female were constantly diving and feeding vegetation to both chicks.1-DSC_6765a5N600

2 3z-DSC_6911a9N600

3 11-DSC_4819a5x600


4 5-DSC_6927a7600

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6 3-DSC_4480a5N600


8 13-DSC_4832a1600

9 99-DSC_6939a5600

Sharon on Jordan Pond.