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07/27/11 Cadillac Mountain 3

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Third trip up to Cadillac Mountain. By the end of July, the place starts to get pretty crowded at sunset and sunrise. All the photographers jockeying for good position.

07/27/11 The Margaret Todd

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Some early morning shots of the Margaret Todd docked on the Frenchman’s Bay.

07/25/11 Frenchman Bay

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Sharon and I kayaked  the Frenchman Bay this morning. The water was very calm when we started, but became pretty choppy by the time we headed back in. The Caribbean Princess was in port.

07/24/11 Gorham Mountain

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We climbed the Gorham Mountain path in Acadia today. This is one of our favorite hikes with wonderful views. Images were shot with my Nikon P7000 point and shoot (D700 back at the house).

07/22/11 Sand Beach

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Hiked up the Great Head trail this morning to shoot Sand Beach. Extreme fog at first, but it lifted in about an hour. Temperatures in the 90’s, very unusual for Maine.


07/20/11 Seal Harbor

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This is the harbor right down the street from where we stay. There are tons of places like this all around Mount Desert Island.

Northeast Harbor



07/19/11 The Margaret Todd

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The Margaret Todd, a four mast schooner, is a fixture in Frenchman Bay each summer. She sails three times each day. This night a couple got married on board.

Sunset was amazing!


The Tiger Shark is always docked next to the Margaret Todd.


07/19/11 Acadia

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Out around 5 AM roaming the park loop. These were taken just past Sand Beach, my next destination.



07/18/11 Porcupine Islands

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The Porcupine Islands shot from Cadillac Mountain Monday night. This is the second trip of many to the summit. The colors at dusk and dawn are incredible.

07/16/11 Otter Cliffs

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We spent the evening at Otter Cliffs along the coast in Acadia Park. It’s an amazing place at dusk.