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01/09/2020 Favorites from 2019

Posted: January 9, 2020 in Uncategorized

Just some favorite images from 2019.

Great Gray Owl … Alberta, Canada 01/12/19.1 1151 DSC_2172a1mD31100

I had such a great time following several pairs of nesting loons this year. Loons have a special place in my heart. I love to follow the same pairs from year to year. The Mt Desert Island loons had a great year with 8 chicks making it to fledge. Common Loon and chick 08/02/19.101 1279z D4S_7056a1TLx71100

Acadia National Park, Maine 07/03/19.2zZ 10 DSC_0620a1700

This was a gift. Eagles never let you get too close, but this one did. As I paddled back from the loon chicks, I passed this beautiful Bald Eagle. It didn’t seem to mind my presence. Acadia Park, Maine 07/01/19.102 1231 D4S_7488a1mT21100

I had the pleasure to travel with good friends up to Alberta, Canada twice this year, We were lucky to see several Great Gray Owls. This was from the second trip in October. Great Gray Owl 10/22/19.103 1319 DSC_3967a1SLx1100

Northern Flickers, Bar Harbor, Maine 06/28/19.3zZ 1221 D4S_6114a1mLT700

This was also from the second trip to Alberta, Canada. It is so cool to see one of these incredible animals. We were lucky to see many. It was below zero on a few days, but well worth the pain lol. Moose … Jasper, Canada 10/27/19.104 1341 DSC_6517a1c2SL1100