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12/17/12 Seaside Heights

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I was able to get in Seaside Heights for a short time early Monday morning.  The area is opening up to the public, but the beach and boardwalk are off limits. Jo HendleyLily Pannella (friends from The Gallery 13) and myself made it up to the beach before daylight. Eventually, we were asked to leave and were escorted to the bridge.

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12/14/12 Geminid Meteor Shower

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I spent the night in Spring Lake to watch the Geminid meteor shower. It was an amazing show and I witnessed a crazy number of meteors. I took about 700 shots over the entire evening, but only caught two meteors in my frame. But, it was still a great night I will never forget.

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2 DSC_2749a3L3600

3 SpringTrail600y

12/12/12 Manasquan Beach

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Just a couple of shots from Manasquan Beach post “Sandy”.

1 DSC_2041HDR1a7600c

2 DSC_2081aL5600

11/29/12 Hurricane Sandy

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“Sandy” from the inside at Ocean Grove, NJ …

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2 DSC_1623HDR1aL5600x

3 DSC_1630aL3600

4 DSC_1679aL5600

5 DSC_1611HDR1aL600