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10/22/15 The Judge’s Shack

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I spent the day shooting down at Island Beach State Park with friend and photographer, Robert Zurfluh. We met some foxes on the way to the Judge’s Shack. It was just a beautiful evening with a glorious sky. While we were shooting the Shack, we had a conversation with some of the people involved in “Save the Shack”. Apparently, the owner of the Shack has turned it over to the state. This group, made up of volunteers, is involved in maintaining the Judge’s Shack. I hope to be part of this group in the future. That shack has a place in my heart, as you can see by how many times I return to photograph it.


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That’s Robert at work.

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10/19/15 Island Beach Fox

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I haven’t photographed the fox in some time. With the cooler weather, there were many on the move. Most of them looked healthy.

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10/16/15 Backyard Birds

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Just a few shots from out back off my deck. Cardinals and Blue Jays are frequent visitors.

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White-breasted Nuthatch

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I took a quick trip down to the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge in Galloway, NJ. The birds are definitively on the move.




The “Flasher”



Got Crab?

10/05/15 Cattus Island

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Cattus Island in Toms River is only a couple of miles from my home. It’s a great place to shoot birds and sunsets over the meadows. The park closes at 6 PM, so many times it’s tough to catch the sunset. This night, the Park Ranger was a little late making his final round. Turns out the Ranger is a wildlife photographer and has the perfect job. He patrols all the County parks. The bay and estuaries were almost still and the lighting provided the reflections.

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09/30/15 The Judge’s Shack

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I went down to Island Beach State Park to check out the ocean prior to the big storm. If the sky is right, I usually make a stop at the Judge’s Shack. It’s amazing that this shack, which sits on the dunes right at the beach, has survived Sandy and several other hurricanes. It was built in Island Beach around 1911 and was moved to it’s current location in 1952. It’s called the Judge’s Shack because Judge Richard Hartshorne from Newark purchased the property in 1942 for $200. If you want to read the interesting chronological history of the Judge’s Shack click here.

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