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We spent 4 hours at Bass Lighthouse shooting a star trail and waiting for the Milky Way to line up in the frame. It was Jack Fusco’s last night visiting me here at Acadia and he wasn’t leaving without that shot. I tagged along for the ride and gabbed a few decent images of my own.

The Milky Way over Bass Light.

The Seawall


07/19/12 Stars of Acadia II

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Continuing with some night photography while Jack Fusco is still here. We have had just beautiful clear skies here in Acadia National Park for several days now. 

The Seawall

Jordan Pond

House next door in Seal Harbor.

07/18/12 Stars of Acadia

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Hang around with Jack Fusco for a night and you will find the Milky-Way. The shot of my car was used as a cover image by Subaru on their Facebook page.

07/12/12 Sand Beach

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Sand Beach is the only sandy coastline in Acadia. Some shots were taken from the Great Head trail. That’s the Beehive in the distance.

Beaver Dam Pond

07/14/12 Cadillac II

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The “calm before the storm” on Cadillac Mountain.  A few minutes later, a violent lightning storm was over the mountain.

07/12/12 Cadillac Mountain

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Cadillac Mountain is the first location on the east coast to see the sunrise. Those are the Porcupine Islands down in the Frenchman Bay.


07/12/12 Little Long Pond

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I stopped by Little Long Pond after shooting the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain. The morning fog and the mini rainbow were a nice surprise.


Back to Boulder Beach this morning …

07/09/12 Boulder Beach

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My first time at Boulder Beach off the loop road in Acadia National Park. This was shot at dusk last night. I also went back this morning for sunrise. Those photos will follow.

07/08/12 Schooner Head

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A few from Schooner Head …

Seal Harbor