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04/22/15 La Jolla Sea Lions

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It was such a beautiful night and the San Diego sea lions were very cooperative.

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04/21/15 San Diego 1

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I headed out to San Diego to visit my good friend and awesome photographer, Jack Fusco. This was the first night at North Beach. The moon and Venus were rising together. We went on some pretty exciting adventures over the next week. Stay tuned for those images.





04/16/15 Brick Bald Eagles

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Some shots of the bald eagles that nest on the cell tower in Brick Township a few blocks from my home. Always pretty cool to look up as I drive by and see them perched on the railing. Sometimes they make a low pass over the car, which is exciting. Guess it’s not the prettiest place, but it’s quite convenient for the pair. When I first arrived, the female dropped from the tower to check me out. She circled a few times and flew back up to the tower.

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The Capt. Gavin ran aground on Wednesday in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. The 77 foot fishing boat has been on the beach for several days waiting for a salvage tug from NYC to arrive. The tug had to cancel the rescue on two separate days due to rough seas. It will attempt again on Saturday. These photos were taken late Thursday afternoon. They were pumping out the fuel and ballast water as I left. The captain remains on board waiting for the salvage tug. There are also 600 pounds of scallops on the boat.

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03/29/15 Scouting Cape May

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I spent two days in Cape May with my good friend and awesome photographer, Marco Crupi. He was scouting locations for his upcoming photography workshop. The bright moon and some clouds made it tough to shoot the stars on Sunday night. Sunrise on Monday was overcast and raining, but we did get a short window with some color. Always a good time shooting with Marco. Here is the link for information on his one day workshop at Cape May on April 18th.

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