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10/22/19 Canada Trip Part 1

Posted: November 28, 2019 in Uncategorized

After only a few days back from Maine, I was off to Canada. I accompanied several talented photography friends;  Harry Collins, Mike Toscano, Mike Cassella, Jason Gambone, and JJ Bowen. The group landed in Calgary and worked our way through Alberta up to Jasper. Alberta is absolutely beautiful. Driving through the Rockies was spectacular, every turn looks like a postcard. The area is a paradise for photographers, especially for wildlife. I have to thank my friends for their awesome research in planning this trip. Overall, the weather was mild, except for the two days when the temperature reached -7 degrees Fahrenheit. This trip was amazing; moose, great gray owls, bighorn sheep, coyotes, elk, eagles, and gorgeous scenery.  I split the photos into two parts. Here is part 1 …

Note: If anyone is interested, Harry is running a workshop in this same area in October 2020. Click on his name for info.

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11/01/19 Bald Eagle Encounter

Posted: November 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

I just wanted to post a few shots of this encounter with a Bald Eagle. I paddled alongside after a morning with the loons. It didn’t seem to mind my presence. This is the closest I have been to an eagle; what an impressive raptor.