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1/15/16 Foxes on the Beach

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The last several times I looked for Snowy Owls the foxes have joined me on the walk down the beach. It’s always a pleasure.

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01/11/16 Peregrine Falcons

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High above the Hudson River on the cliffs along the Palisades, lives a pair of Peregrine Falcons. Thanks to a heads up from friend and photographer, Joe Gilozzo, I took a ride and hoped to find the falcons. After scanning the cliffs, there they were in all their glory sitting on a perch several hundred feet above the Hudson River. It was quite a thrill for me to see these beautiful birds close up through my telephoto lens. I spent several hours watching them, but eventually the cold and wind forced me to call it a day. It was a pretty exciting day for this photographer.

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The Cliffs of the Palisades

01/01/16 New Year’s Snowy

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I started the New Year off with a 6-7 mile trek down and back on the beach to see the one Snowy that is at the Jersey Shore. Spent the day shooting with friend and wildlife photographer Harry Collins (Harry Collins Photography). The conditions were not ideal for photos, it was overcast, windy and pretty dreary. But, it’s still always exciting to see a Snowy Owl. We were quite far away and these shots are heavily cropped. Harry and I always respect the Snowy’s space, as most wildlife photographers do. The only thing that disturbed him was a juvenile bald eagle that flew above for a short time. The Snowy hopped off the piece of wood and hid under some branches.

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Snowy was quite relaxed until the eagle showed up.

5 1-DSC_7797a1c3600

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk feasting on a Canada Goose