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Our time at Acadia for 2016 comes to an end. This was the first year we stayed for an extended period of time. First time we experienced Fall in the park. A few of these images were taken during our last hike through Acadia. Always sad to leave, but great to see our family and friends in New Jersey again.

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Jordan Pond is beautiful in Autumn.

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Somesville Bridge

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Sharon during our last walk in Acadia.


Jesus Path

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Margaret Todd


10/15/16 Northeast Creek

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This year we were fortunate to experience the Fall on Mount Desert Island and in Acadia National Park in Maine. These images are from Northeast Creek, just across the street from our condo in Bar Harbor. It was wonderful watching the colors change each day. We even kayaked deep along the stream to see all the incredible colors. There is a also a cranberry bog about a mile downstream. This is just one of the many gorgeous places in the park during autumn.

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Sharon during a peaceful moment.


10/05/16 Pileated Woodpecker

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I love woodpeckers. It took ten years, but I finally got a few shots of a pileated woodpecker in Acadia National Park. The last four images are downy woodpeckers. They are so much fun to watch and most times very friendly.


Pileated Woodpecker

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Downy Woodpecker

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I have photographed Bass Light many times. The light is always different. This lighthouse usually draws a crowd at sunset and photographers are sometimes shoulder to shoulder. These images were taken during the month of September when the crowds aren’t quite as bad. The best time is after midnight, always have the place to myself. Pretty exciting when you can only hear the waves against the rocks, but cannot see them. The entire area is covered with a red blanket of light from the beacon.

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09/01/16 Northern Lights

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Well, I was about an hour late for the “big” show, but I was able to grab the tail end of this aurora at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. A few photographers caught some incredible shots (while I was napping lol). Hopefully, I’ll get another chance next year.

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This was a previous image from July.

08/16/17 Barred Owls

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There is a family of Barred Owls that nest along the Hemlock Trail each year in Acadia National Park. By the time we arrived in Maine the owlets had all fledged and were spread out in the area of Sieur de Monts. I made about 10-15 hikes over my stay looking for them. On three occasions I was lucky to find one. These images were taken over a two month period. When I did locate one, it was amazing how close I was. One time the owl was only about 10 feet off the trail at eye level. Hikers were constantly walking past, most not even aware. This year, we are heading up earlier, hopefully to follow some of the owlets.








Hadley Point is one of our favorite places to kayak. It’s great to paddle around the small islands during high tide. I only made it up Cadillac a few times this year. It’s surprising how many people are up there to photograph the sunrise. Cadillac Mountain is the first location to see the sun rise on the east coast. Acadia Park had it’s 100th anniversary this year.


Sunset at Hadley Point



Sunset on Cadillac





The Porcupine Islands