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Cape May Lighthouse 06/01/14

Posted: June 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had the star trail shot in mind for a long time. Finally, I got the chance to spend 90 minutes on the beach at Cape May. It’s tough to get a decent photo of the lighthouse at night because there are so many floodlights and tons of light pollution. After trying several angles, I found it best shooting from the beach. It was a beautiful calm night, except for the plane traffic. There was a plane in 200 of the 270 exposures. It’s a tedious process to remove them before processing the star trail. The center star is Polaris, the North Star. I was pretty excited that night as you can see in the middle photo.

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7 Cape Trail V2 6600zzZ

Arrived at the East Point Lighthouse in Heislerville, NJ just after midnight with my good friend, Jack Fusco (Jack Fusco Photography). The Cameloopardalids meteor shower was pretty much a bust, but I did manage to catch a couple of meteors just before daylight. Over 400 exposures and only two meteors, a far cry from the predictions. Still a great night with Jack, one of the top night skies photographers.

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1zzZ East Trail600

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7x East Trail New7600