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08/23/13 Backyard Sunset

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A few shots of the sunset over the estuary behind my townhouse in Toms River, NJ.

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I picked a bad night to hike through the marsh to get to a familiar bird blind. The trek in was fine, but as I started shooting I was greeted by attack mosquitos and green flies. I survived a few minutes to get some shots and then I high tailed it out of there.

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08/11/13 Perseid Meteor Shower

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I spent part of Sunday night at Island Beach State Park, NJ with my friend Jack Fusco hoping to catch a few of the meteors from the Perseid shower. We stayed until about 1:30 AM when the heavy clouds rolled in. We had problems with the lens constantly fogging up from the moisture. Even with the clouds and moisture, it was still an enjoyable night. We didn’t get the best photos, but some good conversation while starring at shooting stars is still pretty awesome.

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4 DSC_5765a600

The last exposure before we called it a night.

It’s not often you can see the Milky Way in Ocean County. This was one of those awesome clear, crisp nights that are few and far between. I could actually see it quite well with my naked eyes. The light pollution in the distance is Atlantic City. It’s always more prominent if you photograph it facing east over the ocean, but when I arrived it was already dead south.

1 DSC_5085x7600

4 DSC_5039a600

3 DSC_5051a5600

7x DSC_5113a9600

This shot was in South Seaside Park.