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05/31/19 Barred Owlets

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As soon as I arrived in Bar Harbor I set out to look for the Barred Owl pair that I have been following for the last several years. Luckily, they used the same nest as previous years, the hollow of a dead tree. On my first few visits I only saw one owlet peeking out for short periods of time. I heard there were two, but wasn’t sure if I was seeing the same one or two different owlets. On my third visit, I was able to see both owlets poking their heads out of the hole. A few days latter, the second owlet branched and was very active. I watched as it tried to jump from one branch to another. It did not quite make it, but instead floated to a solf crash landing in a pile of leaves. The little one flapped it’s wings and cleaned off the leaves then hopped up the side of the mountain where I assume the adult was waiting. The owlets will probaly not make their way back down for a few weeks until they are bigger and stronger.

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Youngest Owlet

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After the unsuccessful leap.

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