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11/29/10 Seaside Park

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Catching the last few days of nice weather. Monday was very mild until the sun went down.

Always have to stop and visit the fox.


11/22/10 Island Beach Red Fox

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The foxes were very active in Island Beach State Park on Monday. They have their winter coats now and look very healthy. You can click on an image for a larger view.

11/22/10 Barnegat Bay

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I went to shoot with Ken and Greg, friends from the Cranbury Camera Club on Monday afternoon. We started out in Island Beach and finished up at the Barnegat Bay in Seaside Park. Sunset was gorgeous.



11/19/10 Red Fox

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Thought I’d post some images of the Red Fox.  Most were photographed recently in Island Beach State Park.  The older ones were taken at Sandy Hook.  It’s always exciting to get close to these beautiful animals in the wild.

11/17/10 Manasquan Reservoir

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A windy night at the reservoir …

11/12/10 The Surf

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A few more from the beach at Seaside and Island Beach.  The surf fishermen must really love this mild weather.


11/11/10 Veterans Day

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My brother, Pete, was a paratrooper in the Korean War.  He’s 82 and still going strong.  Thanks, Pete and to all who served.  No, I didn’t take the picture, I was one.

Pete Yeager

11/10/10 Island Beach

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Beautiful fall night at Island Beach State Park.

11/06/10 Sandy Hook

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Met up with the Cranbury Camera Club in Sandy Hook on Saturday morning.

Abandoned WWII officer's quarters.


11/06/10 Cattus Island

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Trying to catch the last signs of Fall at Cattus Island in Toms River. The deer are everywhere and don’t seem to mind being photographed as long as you stay in the car.