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05/27/12 Avon by the Sea

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A couple of shots from Avon by the Sea on my way home from Asbury on Memorial Day.

The “Prince of Darkness” ( a mute swan) is on patrol round the clock when the princess is sitting on her eggs. The nest is on an estuary behind my townhouse.

Even chases me on land.

05/21/12 The Casino

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The fog was heavy tonight at the Casino building in Asbury Park …

05/16/12 Canada Geese

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There are two families of Canada Geese out back. One group has 4 little ones, the other pair only one. The babies need to avoid the mute swan and the snapping turtles in the estuary to survive.

This is the mute swan they need to avoid.

05/10/12 Cape May

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Spent late afternoon and evening in Cape May with my buddy Scott O’Donnell. Cape May sunsets never disappoint.

That’s me. Scott tripped the shutter.

That’s Scott at work.

05/10/12 Atlantic City

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Took a field trip to Cape May with my friend Scott O’Donnell and stopped at Atlantic City on the way.

That’s Scott.

05/02/12 Island Beach Fox

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I followed this female around for a while at Island Beach State Park. She went back and forth between the dunes and the beach. She didn’t seem to mind me tagging along. This is the first time I photographed a fox on the beach.


04/30/12 Forsythe Refuse

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Visited the Edwin B. Forsythe Refuse located in Brigintine, NJ. I was greeted at the gate by a cattle egret, which are pretty rare in NJ and on the “threatened” list. The first several photos are the cattle egret.