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Since my show is 500 miles away, I decided to post the images that will be on display. If you happen to be in the area, please stop by the Friends of Maine’s Seabird Islands Gallery in Rockland, Maine. The show opens on July 5th at 5 PM and continues through August. Most of these shots are from Acadia National Park.

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Gallery FOMSI600

Pretty excited … I had a photo and a sidebar interview about the best places to shoot in Acadia National Park in the July issue of Popular Photography.


The first three were taken from the same spot. They show the effects of different time exposures.

1a DSC_0977a600

Time exposure = 1/15 second

7 DSC_1000a3600

Time exposure = 4 seconds


3 DSC_0996a600

Time exposure = 4 minutes

5b DSC_0964a3b600

As I pulled up to the guard shack at Island Beach State Park at 1 AM, I figured I had no shot to get into the park at this time.  But, I caught a break, the guard was sleeping in his chair. So I just rolled my Subaru very quietly right on past. I had never been in the park after dark.  I pulled off the main road and found a dark area. After a few shots, I realized the Milky Way was visible on this super clear night. That’s pretty rare with all the light pollution in Ocean County. Then a fox decided to keep me company while I photographed the skies. It was a good night.

1x DSC_0848a7N600

3x DSC_0839a3Nx600

7 DSC_0856aN600

9 DSC_0786a600

5 DSC_0866a7600