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Little Long Pond is just down the street from the cottage we rent in Seal Harbor. It’s part of Acadia National Park in Maine. It’s where all the dogs come to swim. Otter Cliffs is a favorite spot for rappelling by the climbers in the park.

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Foggy afternoon near Otter Cliffs.

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Seal Harbor across from Little Long Pond.

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Otter Cliffs in Acadia.

08/02/15 Loons on Upper Hadlock

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This was our last visit to see the loons on Upper Hadock Pond in Acadia National Park, Maine. The chick was getting big and doing fine. See you guys next year.

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We met this guy on our last kayak trip.

07/28/15 Barred Owls in Acadia

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Last year on a hike on the Jesup Trail, we spotted a barred owl. Of course, at that time I had no telephoto lens with me. This year we decided to take a look again. Well, no owl on the Jesup, but on the way back on the Hemlock Trail, we got lucky. One of the owlets was sitting on a branch directly over the trail. The little guy didn’t seem to mind. After some time it actually flew down just to our side. A few days later we went back to try again. This time we found “mommy”. I walked right past, but Sharon spotted her. They blend in with the trees so well. The Park Ranger said there were four owlets, we only saw the one. It was 2-3 months old.

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The owlet sitting directly over the path.

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They blend in so well.

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A few miscellaneous (in between) shots over several days at Acadia National Park.

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Upper Hadlock Pond

2 3z-DSC_7445a3N600

Witch Hole Trail

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Fog off the Loop Road.

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Boulder Beach

5 1-DSC_7469a3600

Witch Hole Trail

6 5-DSC_7734a1600

Blue Moon off Acadia.

Took advantage of the dark moon and headed to Sand Beach in Acadia Park to shoot the Milky Way. It was a beautiful clear, still night. Lots of people star gazing on the beach. I shot the stars with New Jersey friend, Joe Gilozzo.

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Cadillac Mountain is always a great place for sunsets. Sharon and I spent the night with friend and photographer, Joe Gilozzo and his family.

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Fog rolls in below the summit.

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6 1-DSC_6941a3600

Somesville Bridge

7 3-DSC_6886a1N600

Bass Lighthouse on a previous day.