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04/27/13 The Goslings

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These little guys just showed up this afternoon. The baby swans are usually close behind.

1 DSC_0117a600

2 DSC_0238a600

3 DSC_0220aN600

4 Goslings600

04/19/13 Ferris Wheel is Down

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The Ferris Wheel (Big Wheel) on the Funtown Pier in Seaside Park, NJ is on the ground.  Workers pulled her down on the 18th.  After hours of no success during the night, at dawn I was finally able to get to the ferris wheel laying on her side. It’s a pretty sad sight to see her on the beach getting pelted with wave after wave.  I hope they remove her quickly, the “Circle of Memories” has finished her job.

1x DSC_9863aL3Nx600

7 DSC_9878aL7600

2x DSC_0082a3N600

3n DSC_0036aN600

6a DSC_0083a3Lx600

5n DSC_0097HDR1a3Lxyz600

1 Spin600

This is how I will always remember the Ferris Wheel.

Tonight, I took a walk on the beach just before dark. Because the beach is off limits, I never run into anyone,  In the darkness I turned around and there in the shadows was a figure staring me in the face. He scared the heck out of me. He had on a trooper hat and shirt, I thought I was in big trouble. Luckily, he was a corrections officer and was just taking some photos like me.

1 DSC_9534aB2xyz600

2 DSC_9624aLb7600

3 DSC_9629HDR1a3b3600

4x DSC_9612HDR1aB2

5 DSC_9614aL3b600

04/13/13 Howling Woods Farm

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On a field trip with The Cranbury Digital Camera Club, I visited Howling Woods Farm in Jackson, NJ. It’s a breed-specific animal shelter that rescues and places domestic bred wolves. It was quite a thrill to walk freely among the wolves and be part of their pack for a short time. They are such beautiful animals.

1x DSC_9123aL7x600

2x DSC_8977a9x600

3 DSC_9246a600

4 DSC_9139a3600

5 DSC_9255a3600

6 DSC_9126a3

7 DSC_8921a600

8 DSC_9260a700

9 DSC_9404a600

I spent a few hours at the coaster with my friend Jack Fusco looking for the Milky Way. The sky wasn’t dark enough to find it, but the stars were bright enough to photograph. The star trail is about 180, 20 second exposures.

1 CoasterTrailGap9600

2 DSC_8057aL3600

3 DSC_7991a3600

4 DSC_8106a7600

5 DSC_8006a7600

The Ferris Wheel meets the Milky Way at 4 AM. It’s not often you can see the Milky Way in Seaside, but early Saturday morning, my D800 picked it up at top left over the Ferris Wheel. I tried again Sunday morning, but it was no where to be found.

7x DSC_7808a7x600

1 DSC_7778a9a600

5 DSC_7822a9600

Milky Way over the “Typhoon” ride.

10 bDSC_7799a600b

3 DSC_7818a9600

04/3/13 Ferris Wheel

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I finally caught the tide right and was able to get over to the ferris wheel off the Funtown Pier. I’m amazed the ferris wheel stayed upright after the hurricane. In the third photo, you can see how it’s tilting to the left. The base is just stuck in the sand. It’s a shame, but the current plans are to scrap it.

11 DSC_7649HDR1a3600

8 DSC_7434a3L600

4a DSC_7598a3600

12 DSC_7399aB3600

7c DSC_7533HDR1aL7

5 DSC_7583aL700

10 DSC_7405abx600

04/01/13 Long Beach Island

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A few shots from Long Beach Island …

1 DSC_7264HDR1aL7600

2 DSC_7241aL600

3 DSC_7221aL3600

Sharon and I took a walk around Island Beach State Park on this Easter Sunday.  The fox were extremely active. We spotted at least a half dozen. Afterwards, we stopped over at the Seaside Park boardwalk and were happy to see the carousel operating again.

1 DSC_7201a3600

2 DSC_7165a600

3 DSC_7069aL5b600

We stopped over at the boardwalk.