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  1. marionZcosta says:

    Need a pricelist, Ray. The Maine Collection for Rockland. And did you do any note cards? I love your more traditional documentation and the soft colors of first. Puffins are great little birds!!!! I can tell you have a thing about foxes.

    You are so blessed/fortunate to be able to spend your summers in Maine on Mt. Desert Island.
    Best wishes for a successful and beautiful summer to your and yours.

    marion costa (mark’s mom in Middletown nj)

    don’t know if you saw any of my much older albums on my FB Timeline. At least 3 yrs. ago and maybe last summer 2012 (boat trip to NYC on 4th of July) which is just a small sampling of the huge collection still to be processed. I don’t have a printer here nor the tech savy to set one up or the $$$ to print. Am a very poor senior disabled widow barley hanging on a cubby hole cave apt. walkup. Your photos give so much JOY to me.

    I’m having my own small solo show next week at the Mon. Beach Arts Center, but my work looks like an “amateur” compared to yours. I can’t believe National Georgraphic or Time Magazine or Getty Images hasn’t discovered your beautiful work.

    • rtyblog says:

      Thanks so much. Congrats to you on your show. Too bad I’ll be gone. Would love to check it out. Haven’t figure out the price list yet. Have a great show in the Arts Center and have a great July. I’ll be posting in FB and on my blog while I’m gone. Take care … Ray.

  2. Marion Z Costa says:

    I never told you, but the exhibit I did on post Sandy at the Jersey Shore had approx. 41 prints and was hung in 3 separate halls which allowed me to categorize them from (1) Stormy ocean/big wave (2) Damage in Union Beach & Sea Bright/No. End LB, and (3) before/after beauty of the water/Raritan Bay/Shrewsbury and Navesink River that bore no resemblance to the damaged homes and strewn belongings nearby. It was a great success and My Sunday Artist’s Reception turned out to be a great party and very well attended, and nobody wanted to leaves. It’s usually limited to 2 hrs. but we were there .3.5 hours. I love giving parties!!!!had a big beautiful 1920 tudor home on a hillside for 34 yrs. in Little Silver we restored/decorated till my husband died, and then all was lost, including my many gardens/fish garden/etc But I gave many outdoor garden and indoor dinner/cocktail parties while there. Life changes!!.

    I was asked to do two more exhibits showing the same images, one in Brookdale’s beautiful CVA Gallery in October celebrating anniversary of SSSANDY, and the Long Branch Library in November. (I was in hospital for opening at BCC and my framer offered to deliver my work to the Library, so everything went off as planned.Nothing further came of it, but I showed individual images in several local exhibits including the Monmouth Museum. It was a lot of work running them here/there, given I’m mobility disabled, but everything got done/shown.

    Haven’t done anymore exhibits since this past February. Had 2 nice writeups with samples of my work in all the local newspapers last summer and again this past February. What does one do with all this photography now? I have no room here to store it.

  3. Joe Gliozzo says:

    Congrats on the blog Ray. I enjoy checking out all your latest. Keep’em coming and I look forward to the week in July shooting together in Acadia.

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