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01/29/13 Barnegat Bay

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Seaside Park is open to the public again.  I went over to the Barnegat Bay and found my two favorite docks. One survived Hurricane Sandy just fine, the other was not so lucky.

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01/28/13 Prince of Darkness

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The Prince of Darkness is having a rough time walking on the ice. He and the Princess are scouting out nest sights for this spring.

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2 DSC_3912aL600

3 DSC_3888aL3600

01/11/13 The Jet Star

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I’ve become fascinated with the Jet Star coaster sitting in the ocean. The first time I saw it through the darkness is embedded in my mind.

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01/09/13 Happy 2013

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Happy 2013 to everyone! Have a great year … Ray & Sharon.


01/01/13 Seaside Heights II

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I stopped by Seaside Heights this afternoon. The town is open, but the beach is off limits. Police at the end of every street. Some businesses are open, but the area is still a mess. Seaside Park and Island Beach State Park are still closed.

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