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09/01/17 Random Sunsets

Posted: September 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

Just a few random sunsets on Mount Desert Island in Maine.

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Hadley Point

502 1z-DSC_7938a1LDx31100

Eagle Lake

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507 9m3-DSC_3039a1c960

Hulls Cove Sunrise

505 3-DSC_5867a1960

506 3z-DSC_7955a1D1100



08/24/17 Common Mergansers

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One day while I was following the progress of the Loon nest at Echo Lake, I came across two Mergansers that had come ashore to avoid the loon that was not on the nest. Loons will attack the mergansers, especially when nesting. ¬†The loon made several passes and showed many aggressive poses, almost standing up and spreading it’s wings. After about twenty minutes, the loon swam away and these two went on their way.

501 1-DSC_0853a1mLxcN31100

502 9-DSC_0880a1cDN1100

503 5-DSC_0886a1mN1100

Keeping an eye on the loon.


505 7z-DSC_9761a1cmD1500

506 13-DSC_0924a1c960

507 9-DSC_6361a1cmLDN1100

504 3-DSC_0939a1cmLNL1100

All clear, they go on their way.


07/23/17 Night Skies

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The night skies up here in Acadia National Park are just beautiful. I have tried to catch the Northern Lights at peak several times, but have not been successful. Seems I’m always thirty minutes late. Some of my friends have incredible images of the Aurora this summer. My quest will continue for the next two months. These photos have been taken over the last month. You may notice, Jordan Pond is my go-to place when I receive an Aurora alert. A few of these were photographed under strong moonlight, almost like shooting in daylight. The end of peak season for photographing the Milky Way is fast approaching. It’s pretty cool, when you can see the Milky Way right outside your front door.


Star Trail over Jordan Pond

302 3z-DSC_6593a1960

Eagle Lake

303 7-DSC_6553a1AD700

Loop Road

304 1z-DSC_6813a1ALDx31100

305 9-DSC_6613a1mALDx700

306 3z-DSC_6790a1A600

Moonlight 1 AM

307 1z-DSC_6545a1LD960

308 DSC_6227a1LDx1100

309 DSC_5138x9LA1100

International Space Station passes over Jordan Pond


07/21/17 Belted Kingfishers

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Up until this July, I had maybe two photos of the beautiful Belted Kingfisher. It is one elusive bird, very timid and quick. A kingfisher normally doesn’t stick around if you are in the area. But thanks to a friend who gave me access to his property in Mariaville, Maine, that all changed. This wonderful stream, which runs through his land, is frequented by several Belted Kingfishers that patrol along the nearby Union River. I have spent many hours at this beautiful location over the past several weeks. These are some of the results.

Special thanks to my friend Ed.




Grabbed a Crayfish














This Cedar Waxwing stopped by.