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I took a ride down to Edwin B Forsythe Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville with my friend and photographer, Joe Gliozzo. On the way out we spotted this juvenile red-tailed hawk flying back and forth between it’s prey and the tree branch. This was the largest hawk I have ever photographed.

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02/14/15 Bluebirds Still Here

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That bunch of Eastern Bluebirds are still here. Today is day 6, it would be awesome if a couple stayed. It’s very unusual for bluebirds to eat from a feeder.

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02/12/15 Seals at Sandy Hook

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There were about 50 harbor seals lounging on a sand bar at Sandy Hook on the 12th. The photos are pretty weak as they were too far out even for my 500mm lens. I need to go back during low tide.




02/09/15 Bluebirds

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A flock of bluebirds showed up out back yesterday. This is the first time I have seen a bluebird. I hope they stay around for a while.






01/27/15 Backyard Birds

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I’m lucky to live on an estuary that branches off the Barnegat Bay. There are an abundance of birds that visit the protected lands out back. The cardinals are usually pretty shy, but the snow on the ground helped them cooperate for some photos.






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Downy Woodpecker