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11/22/13 Sandy Hook

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A couple of shots of the Officers’ Quarters at Sandy Hook, NJ. Most of the brick buildings were built between 1905-1909. The buildings fell into disrepair and remain vacant today.

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NASA’s launch of the Minotaur 1 Rocket from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia as seen from the East Point Lighthouse in Heisleville, NJ.  The rocket carried 29 satellites into orbit. I spent a couple of hours with my friend and awesome photographer, Jack Fusco, to hopefully catch the launch. We got lucky thanks to the calculations by Jack as to where it would travel in the sky. We never had to move the tripods. It was my first time at the lighthouse, so I stayed a while to take some shots after the launch at 8:15 PM.  The moon was very bright and conditions to shoot the stars were not ideal.

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11/08/13 Cape May Zoo

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My wife and I headed to the Cape May Zoo hoping to get a glimpse of the new baby giraffe. We got lucky. They only came out near us for a few short minutes, but were very accommodating. The little girl was born on September 2 weighing 150 pounds and stood 6 feet tall. The mom was a seven year old named Joanie, who came from the Bronx Zoo. The dad was a seventeen year old bull from Busch Gardens named Sterling.

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11/05/13 Cape May

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I headed to Cape May to hopefully find some late migrating birds. I roamed through the woods for a couple of hours but only spotted a few swans and mallards. But it was such a nice day, I stayed for sunset. Cape May has one of the nicest beaches in New Jersey. It was a beautiful calm night with little wind. I had planned to stay late for some night photography, but the clouds rolled in.

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I took a ride down to the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuse in Oceanville, NJ. It’s pretty late in the season, but I still caught a few herons and egrets.

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