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03/19/17 New Hampshire Bobcat

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I took a trip up to New Hampshire with friends Harry Collins and Rina Miele. They are good friends and awesome photographers. We were looking for a Great Gray Owl that had been hunting in the fields for the past few weeks. Harry and Rina had taken some incredible photographs of two separate Great Gray Owls the previous week, one in New York and the other here in New Hampshire. Well, my streak of being a day late for shooting owls continued. Two long days looking and we came up empty. But, we did happen to come across a bobcat, which was pretty cool. No Great Gray Owl photos here, but if you click on Harry and Rina’s names up top, you can actually see some pretty sweet images of the Great Gray Owl.

101 1z-DSC_6295a1mADN960

102 7-IMG_3864a1700

Harry … one last look.

103 5z-DSC_6303a1cmAD960

104 11-IMG_3861a1ALD700

The creek the bobcat was on.


I did see this screech back in February.


04/13/17 Ospreys are Back

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The ospreys have returned to Ocean County, NJ. These, at Island Beach State Park, were in the process off reinforcing their nests. I watched them return several times with building materials. In between they had some fish and the honeymoon continued.

101 1z-DSC_1535a1mA3c1500

The famous female “Bay”.

102 1z-DSC_1376a1cmAL1500

103 3z-DSC_1549a1c960

104 5-DSC_7591a1cmAL1500

105 7-DSC_1517a1cmD1500

“Bandit”, the male.

106 3-DSC_7595a1mA1500

107 1z-DSC_7614a1mAL1500



04/05/17 Backyard Birds

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Just some of the daily visitors out back taken over the last few months. Finally, the next post and I will be current … yay!

101 1-DSC_0248a1cmAx1500

102 1xX-DSC_3909a1cmAD960

102x 1z-DSC_9572a1cD960

103 1z-DSC_3191a1cmAx960

105 1i-DSC_3366a1cmAD960


107 1-DSC_3855a1cmA960


108 7-DSC_1422a1cMAD960


04/02/17 Snowy Owl

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Finally I had the chance to see and photograph a Snowy Owl. I had just about given up on finding one this season. After traveling hundreds of miles in search of the Snowy, one appeared a few miles from my home at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey. After observing it for two days, it was gone. Probably starting it’s long journey back to the arctic. The light was pretty harsh when I took these photos, but always a thrill to see one of these magnificent raptors. Have a safe trip back my friend.

201 1n-DSC_7435a1cmA1500


203 15z-DSC_6835a1cmAL960


205 11-DSC_6805a1cmALDNx960

206 9-DSC_6689a1m960

207 7z-DSC_7461a1M1500

02/15/17 Cape May

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I headed to Cape May on this day in February in search of a Snowy Owl. One had been reported the day before and I was hoping to finally see one this year. Well, like many of my previous attempts this year, I came up empty. But it was one beautiful, warm day for February and I had the chance to see a gorgeous sunset. My quest to photograph a Snowy this year continues.

101 1-DSC_0303a1AD1500

102 5n-DSC_0261a3A960



104 7-DSC_0328a1AD1500


I discovered a new place and I love it. Mercer Meadows located in Lawrence Township, NJ. I went there trying to photograph the Short Eared Owls, but they came out when it was almost dark and at a distance too difficult for me to photograph. While I was waiting for the owls to appear at the Pole Farm area, the Northern Harriers were much more cooperative. This was a first for me and I was pretty excited. Several made passes quite close while hunting for food. It’s great to watch them hover over their potential prey. ¬†These images were taken over four separate visits.

101 1z-DSC_3921a1cmAxD960

105 5i-DSC_3925a1cmAD960

102 7z-DSC_3919a1cmAD1500

103 11-DSC_5023a1cmA960

106 7-DSC_5386a1cmADx1500

104 7-DSC_4073a1mAD960

107 13-DSC_3952a1cmAD960

108 9z-DSC_5395a1cmAD960

109 5-DSC_5369a1cmA960

11/28/16 Peregrine Falcons

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There is a pair of Peregrine Falcons that live on the cliffs of the Palisades high above the Hudson River in New Jersey. The Peregrine is the fastest animal in the world, achieving speeds over 200 mph on their hunting dives called “stoops”. I watched them dive bomb a bald eagle that was just cruising up the Hudson. Later in the day, the same attack on a young red-tailed hawk. They constantly defend their territory. It’s amazing to see them fly at such high speeds. These images are a compilation of three visits.

101 7-DSC_2229a1cmC21500


103 11i-DSC_1712a1cmD960

104 7-DSC_9671a1mADH960

105 1zzZ-DSC_9647a1cmAD960

106 3z-DSC_9987a1m960

Beginning the “stoop”.

107 9d-DSC_0467a1cmD1500

108 15zZ-DSC_0344a1cmADx960

109 3zz-DSC_2229a1cm1500

110 9zzZ-DSC_2020a1x960

111 99-IMG_2946a1960


The young red-tailed hawk, exhausted after the battle.