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09/27/15 Super Blood Moon Eclipse

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The skies were so overcast and cloudy that I decided not to head anywhere to shoot the eclipse. A little before 10 PM, I walked out on my back deck just to take a look. I was shocked, it had cleared up and I could even see some stars. So, I dragged out my tripod and my 500mm lens. I had been used to shooting a normal moon, so it took a while to get my settings straight. About 10 minutes in, I was in business. It was pretty cool to watch this transformation. When the eclipse was at it’s peak, the moon was a copper red. The first photo is the actual color, no color enhancements were made. The color red is caused by the Earth’s atmosphere, most sunlight colors are filtered out, but red is the least affected.  It was taken at 10:49 PM. The next Super Moon Eclipse will be in 2033.

1 1zzZ-DSC_0230a3600

Blood Moon at it’s peak.

2 5x-DSC_0236a3600

3 3-DSC_0257a3600

The last stages of the eclipse.

09/19/15 Junkyard Excursion

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I ventured into something a little different for me. Friends of mine, in The NJ Photo Crew, had a photo shoot scheduled for a junkyard in Egg Harbor Township last Saturday. I decided to join them. I had a blast with the group and photographed so many interesting things. Many of the cars brought back sweet memories of growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.


’51 Hudson, Pacemaker.

2 9-DSC_9595a1600

3 21-DSC_9579a1NL1000

4 23z-DSC_9679a1600

5 11-DSC_9632a9600

6 17-DSC_9757HDR3600

7 19-DSC_9790a1L600


09/18/15 Leaming’s Run Gardens

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It’s past it’s peak for hummingbirds, but I took a chance and headed to Leaming’s Run Gardens in Cape May Coyrthouse, NJ. August is the best month, as many hummingbirds stop here on their migration south. There were still a few hanging around. The light was harsh, but still a fun day.

1 9zz-DSC_9446a11c600

2 11-DSC_9434a9xN600

3 5-DSC_9439a9c600

5 17z-DSC_9415a3N600

4 13-DSC_9483a5600

A Black Swan in Cape May.

6 1-DSC_9523a3600

09/10/15 Resident Hummingbird

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My resident female Ruby-throated Hummingbird was really showing off this night.

1 1x-DSC_9268a3Nx600

2 3x-DSC_9248a7DN600x

3 7-DSC_9195a3N600

4 11-DSC_9239a5N600

5 9-DSC_9267a3cN600

6 1z-DSC_8959a5600

7 5-DSC_9253a1600

A really bad haircut.

I spent this night at Island Beach State Park during the Perseid meteor shower. It was a gorgeous, calm night with clear skies. There were so many meteors over the park, but I only managed to catch one in my frame. This small fireball over the Judge’s Shack came streaking down around 3:20 AM.

1 3z-DSC_8516a9600

2 5z-DSC_8454a3D600

Some clouds rolled on by.

3 11zz-DSC_8631a5600

Just before sunrise.