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10/28/14 Watkins Glen 2

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Here is the second part of the Watkins Glen trip. These images were taken at Watkins Glen State Park in New York.

1 DSC_0330a1N600

2 DSC_0429a1N600

3 DSC_0651a1VxN7600

4 DSC_0482a1N3600

5 DSC_0276a99xyz600

6 DSC_0355a1Nx600

7 DSC_0464a9x600


9 DSC_0490a7600

10/27/14 Watkins Glen 1

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Back in October, my good friend, Marco Crupi (Nada Mas Photography) and I took our annual Fall photography run. This year we travelled up to the Watkins Glen area of New York State. These photos where taken along the way somewhere near Ithaca, New York.  Thanks to Marco for scouting out such great locations. The photos from Watkins Glen State Park will be in my next post.

1 DSC_0001a9N600

2 DSC_0120a1600

3 DSC_9893a1N3600

4 DSC_9925a5x600

5 DSC_0223a1N1600

6 DSC_9935a1Nx600

7 DSC_9883a5Nx600

It’s been a while since I stopped to look for the foxes at Island Beach. I found a young kit. Later in the day I drove over to Forsythe Wildlife Refuse.

1 DSC_8321a3N600

A Young Kit

2 3x DSC_8378a1N9x600

Barnegat Bay – Seaside Park

3 11 DSC_8247a1N600

5 9x DSC_8316a1N600

6 1x DSC_8405aVNx3600

Great Egret

7 3 DSC_8404a5600

8 7 DSC_8458aN9x600

Blue Heron

9 5 DSC_8442aNx600

Snowy Egret

Spizzel Creek is located down the path that leads to the bird blind in Island Beach State Park, NJ.  The last two images were taken out back on the estuary behind my townhouse in Toms River.

1 1 DSC_9720a3600

2 7 DSC_9668a1600

4 3 DSC_9546a3600

3 13 DSC_9662a1600

5 9 DSC_9640a1600

6 1z DSC_9410HDR1a5600

7 1 DSC_9770a7600

08/26/14 Resident Hummingbird

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I’ve been trying to catch up on these blog posts since getting back from Acadia Park. Here are some shots of our resident hummingbird. She has since left for Central America, her winter home.

1 DSC_8106a3600

3 DSC_7787aD600

1z DSC_7826aVD3600


7x DSC_7889aN600

5 DSC_7871a3600


An architect, working on the renovation of the Pediatrics Wing at Jersey Shore Hospital, asked me to photograph Convention Hall. These are the images from that early morning in August on the Asbury beach. The first image is now 18 feet long and hangs on the wall in the waiting room at Jersey Shore in the Pediatrics Wing. The second image shows it on the wall. It was pretty awesome to come off the elevator and see my image staring back at me.

1 3z DSC_7351a3VxN51200

1a 1n DSC_9029a7N600

2 17 DSC_6973aV3600

3 21 DSC_7034a1V3D600

4  7 DSC_7422a5N600

6 19 DSC_6999a3600

08/10/14 Island Beach Waves

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Playing with the waves while I waited for the Super Moon to rise at Island Beach State Park, NJ.

1 1 DSC_6550a3600

2 3xy DSC_6533a3xy600

3 3x DSC_6825a1Nx3600

4 3 13z DSC_6649aDN3

5 7n DSC_6576a5N600

6 4 15z DSC_6676x5600

7 6 11 DSC_6733a3600



08/04/14 Deep Cut Gardens

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A few shots from Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, NJ. Hanging with friends, Scott O’Donnell, Ed Pearson, and Joe  Prusky on a very hot day.

1 DSC_6259a1V600

3 DSC_6313a7600

5z DSC_6396aV3900

Latter that night

07/27/14 Seaside Park

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I shot these few in Seaside Park while waiting for the moon to rise. Fishermen always add a nice touch to a photograph.

1 1z DSC_5919a9xy600

2 3x DSC_6025a3600

3 7z DSC_6056NDR1a3600

4 9 DSC_5922a600

07/25/14 Acadia Rocky Coast

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This was the last morning we spent at Acadia. These were taken along the Loop Road near Thunder Hole.

7x DSC_5729a3600

5x DSC_5869a7N1600

3 DSC_5811HDR1a3600

1z DSC_5549aN7x600

Met this guy later in the afternoon. The last photo of this year at Acadia.