This Spring, I made several visits to the Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge in Delaware. It was the first year I visited this wonderful place. I have so many photos I want to share, so I will split them into several posts. I’ll start with two red fox dens that I so enjoyed observing. The first kits were getting big and went into the woods after two visits. The second den had younger kits and were still around at my last visit. Much more from Bombay to follow.

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I spent a lazy afternoon at the Plainsboro Preserve in Cranbury, NJ with my friend and photographer, Robert Zurfluh. It’s always a treat to run into bluebirds. This pair was pretty busy with their nesting box.




Mom Taking a Break



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This Robin wanted in on the photos.


04/18/16 Wood Ducks In PA.

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I took another trip back to Philadelphia to photograph the wood ducks. Just a beautiful day and always fun to shoot these guys. Shooting from down in the water, they consider you less of a threat. They came quite close all day long.



The Female




In the water (photo by friend Harry Collins)


My friend Harry Collins found a second Great Horned Owl’s nest in another part of New Jersey. I spend the entire day watching these two owlets on some branches outside the nest. Click here to see a short video.




A collection of photos from several visits to a local bald eagle nest. At this point (May 21) the eaglet is about 8-9 weeks old.

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The Ospreys have returned to Island Beach State Park. Always fun to see their return.


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Mommy working on the nest.

8 5-DSC_7358a1c2N1100


Green winged teal


A compilation of several days at a Great Horned Owl’s nest in northern New Jersey. At the time of the last photo, two owlets had already fledged and one was left in the nest. It was so much fun to watch them get bigger each visit. The two adults were always near by. One afternoon a red tailed hawk came close to grabbing an owlet, until the “mom” came out of nowhere to chase the hawk on it’s way. I have since been to a third great horned owl nest, those photos will follow.

101 5-DSC_5986a5600

Adults would bring food to the nest.

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103 1-DSC_6531a1c2N600

104 3n-DSC_7221a1cN600

This guy was almost grabbed by a red-tailed hawk.

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107 3-DSC_6773a1c600

Adult male keeping an eye on the nest.

108 7n-DSC_7147a1cN600

This was the last one to leave the nest.

109 7-DSC_5708a3600

This mute swan was constantly chasing the Canada Goose away.

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