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The female and male hummingbirds have returned to the feeder off my back deck. The male usually only stays around for a week or two, then he’s gone. The female will stand watch over the feeder all day, everyday.

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05/07/14 Batsto Village

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I spent the night shooting the night skies down at Batsto Village in Wharton State Forrest, NJ with my good friend Jack Fusco (Jack Fusco Photography). This was my first time at Batsto during the night. This village was so creepy in the dark. I swear I could see the shadows of people looking out the windows. Doubt I could shoot this place alone.

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05/04/14 Cape May

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I spent the day in Cape May with my good friend Jarpi Pirog. We looked for wildlife first and took a few landscapes to end the day. The skies were pretty crazy.

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This was taken at Forsythe Wildlife Refuse.

The Judge’s Shack at Island Beach on Sunday morning. I spent the night shooting with my good friend and super photographer Jack Fusco (Jack Fusco Photography).  Great conversation and a beautiful night. The shack was built around 1911. It was purchased by Judge Richard Hartshorne in 1942 for $200. The shack was moved from just south of the Coast Guard Station to it’s present location in 1952. It sits directly on the beach, but somehow survived Hurricane Sandy.

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Star Trail

04/24/14 Island Beach

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I took a hike through Island Beach State Park. Started at the beach and worked my way back to the bird blind near the bay. I ran into the fox along the way.

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Snowy Egret

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Red Fox on the Beach

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