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02/26/14 Fox and Snow

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I went to Island Beach State Park yesterday morning hoping to photograph a Snowy Owl in the snow. After walking a couple of miles up and down the beach, I couldn’t take the cold and wind anymore. On my way into the park, I met this red fox that was quite cooperative.

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02/25/14 Island Beach Snowy Owls

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It was a good day, I found two Snowy Owls at Island Beach State Park. After shooting about 300 shots of the first snowy owl, I changed the CF card in my camera. Somewhere along the dunes I lost the card, probably while taking out my cell phone.  Posting this information on Facebook, I never thought anything would come of it. By some miracle, two days later someone who read the post actually found the card on top of one of the dunes. As a result, I bring you several shots that were on that CF card.

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Pretty sure he winked at me.

02/20/14 Cattus Island Snowy Owl

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A Snowy Owl just showed up at Cattus Island County Park in Toms River, NJ.  It won’t be there long before heading back home to the Arctic. Thanks to a friend, Peg Tomlinson, for the heads up.

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02/18/14 Morning Cardinal

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This male cardinal was hanging right outside my bedroom window this morning. His lady wasn’t far away.

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11 DSC_5324aN3600

02/06/14 Belmar – Spring Lake

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I headed to Spring Lake with my good buddy, Bob Cannon, looking for the Snowy Owl I had seen a couple of days ago. We had no luck so we stopped at the fishing pier in Belmar and then caught the sunset in Spring Lake. Weather was in the 20’s, we didn’t last long on the beach. But it was another beautiful sunset.

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01/31/14 Frozen Barnegat Bay

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The temperature was in the mid 40’s today, but the Barnegat Bay is still frozen. I was looking for the red fox that’s been seen walking across the bay.

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