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05/07/16 Stars in Acadia

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On this beautiful night, I headed to the Loop Road in Acadia National Park. I ran into several photographers scattered throughout the darkness. Most of the usual locations were occupied. After some time, I was finally able to find a few locations to set up, shoot, and enjoy the night. At Sand Beach, the water covered the entire beach and I was forced to shoot from the stairs.


Otter Cliffs


Sand Beach


Thunder Hole


Otter Cliffs


The tide covered the entire beach.


Thunder Hole during daylight.

05/06/16 Barred Owl – Acadia Park

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In early May, Sharon and I made another trip up to Bar Harbor. Hiking near Sieur de Monts in Acadia Park, we knew that the Barred Owls are sometimes in that area. To our surprise, we stumbled on the nest. As we were walking near the tree with the cavity, mom owl stuck out her head. As you can see from the photos, Barred Owls blend in so well with the trees. Sharon¬†actually spotted her when she turned her head. Mom owl proceeded to call the male who returned her calls, but never came to the nest. At this point, we were pretty sure she had small chicks in there with her. Turns out she had three. I haven’t seen any of owlets this summer, but have seen the adults a few times. Those photos will follow in a future post.




It was a little tight, that’s her tail.


03/01/16 Acadia Park – Rye Snowy

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Back in early March, I took a quick trip up to Maine to do a few things at our new place in Bar Harbor. I was able to sneak out for a few photos. The moonlit sky was beautiful and the surf was rough. On the way home I stopped in Rye, Massachusetts and was lucky to find a Snowy Owl during a pretty nasty snow storm.






06/08/16 Island Beach Osprey

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A few shots from Island Beach State Park at the Jersey shore.




06/06/16 Nickerson Beach

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Travelled out to Nassau County, New York, to Nickerson Beach to photograph some seabirds. My friend, Harry Collins and I had all we could handle. What a great day!

1 3xX-DSC_4111x1c1500

American Oystercatcher

2 23-DSC_3878a1c1500

American Oystercatchers

3 27zZ-DSC_4322a1c31500

Oystercatcher and Chick

4 11zZ-DSC_3900a1c1050

Piling Plover

5 9z-DSC_3969a1cX1500

Common Terns

6 5-DSC_4138a1c1050

Oystercatcher and Eggs

7 17z-DSC_4018x11500

Common Tern

8 21-DSC_4427a1c1500

Oystercatcher Chick

10 15z-DSC_3914a1c1500

Piling Plover

13 1-DSC_4469a1c1050

Common Tern Pair