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12/29/10 Frozen Bay

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The Barnegat Bay in Seaside Park still remains frozen.  The sunset and the ice creates some dramatic colors.

12/22/10 Birds in Snow

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This is for those wishing for a white Christmas.

Blue Jay

Male Cardinal

Female Cardinal



Downy Woodpecker

Female Cardinal

Male Cardinal

A Little Holiday Cheer

12/21/10 Lost in Mercer County

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I came across this great little spot somewhere in Mercer County.  I have to go back when the light is better … if I can find it!

12/11/10 Victoria’s Birthday

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What could be more fun than shooting my two beautiful great nieces. Victoria celebrated her 7th birthday. She and her sister, Audrey, are my little angels. I could photograph them all day long, as I did.

Look at that expression on the birthday girl ... priceless!

12/09/10 The Beach

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So much for the mild weather.  It was so cold and windy on the beach in Seaside Park, I could only take a few quick shots.

This was at the bay.

Couldn't believe someone was actually riding a bike today.