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I returned to the Conowingo Dam in Maryland two more times. The latest time with friend and talented photographer, Harry Collins. They say there are about 400 bald eagles at the dam at this time. Most of these shots were at a distance and heavily cropped. I will return in hopes of getting some high quality action shots.

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2 5-DSC_5381a3600

3 5zZ-DSC_4443a3600

4 1-DSC_8438a5600

A juvenile with catch.

5 1z-DSC_5332a3c600

Soaring high past the early moonrise.

6 11nN-DSC_4968a1600

7 1z-DSC_4422a5N600

The “grab”.

8 21z--DSC_4814new3c600


11/03/15 Acadia National Park

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Sharon and I spent a few days up at Acadia during her break from school. The weather was just beautiful and we hiked some of our favorite trails. It was nice without the crowds and had most of the park to ourselves. I was also lucky to catch some minor Northern Lights activity.

1 1z-DSC_3603a9600

Minor aurora at Jordan Pond.

2 1zT-DSC_3473a5600

3 11x-JordanTrail2600

Star Trail shot during the first hour.

4 5z-DSC_3482a3600

Moonrise started to light up the sky.

5 4 1z-DSC_3506a11100

Walk along the Hemlock Path.

6 5 99-UsIMG_8749a1600

At the top of the South Bubble, Jordan Pond below.

I finally made it down to the Conowingo Dam in Maryland. Made the trip down with friend and photographer, Joe Gilozzo. Bald Eagles gather there along the Susquehanna River during late fall and early winter. The eagles are most active when the generators are turned on and the dam gates are open. We arrived around 7 AM, the gates were open from 6-9, but the fog was very thick and didn’t clear until later in the morning. So, the action was limited. I am looking forward to my next visit, which may be at the end of the week.

1 3z-DSC_3856a1c600

2 9zZ-DSC_4072a1c600

3 13zZ-DSC_3857a1cX600

4 4 1-DSC_4074a1600

5 15-DSC_3797a3700

A Juvenile.

6 7b DSC_3858a1600

7 8 11-DSC_3812a1c600

8 7 5-DSC_3819a1600

Sitting on the dam in the distance.

10/30/15 Island Beach Foxes

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On this day, I noticed several small conflicts within a group of foxes. They were gathering around some horses that were near the beach. Each encounter was only for a few seconds and was not serious. It was more for show to establish dominance. The group seemed to work things out. The two photos showing one encounter look worse than it really was. None of them were actually biting each other. They were also making clicking-like sounds called “gekkering”. They make these sounds when fighting or playing.

At the end of the day one fox climbed up on the dunes and took a ten minute nap in the sun. I have been waiting for this particular shot for several years. Thanks to big red for the cooperation.


2 5c-DSC_3269a1c600

The “stretch” after the nap.

3 11-DSC_3277a3600

4 19z-DSC_1879a1600

5 13z-DSC_2787a3600

This guy was about to stomp on a mouse.

6 3zZZ-DSC_3073a3600

Looks worse than it really was.

8 15z-DSC_2999a1600

7 9-DSC_3069a1600

No casualties, they worked it out.

9 7-DSC_3006a3600

10/26/15 New Hope

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Just a few shots from my trek down some railroad tracks near New Hope, PA.



4 7-DSC_2461a1N600

5z DSC_2477a5600


Ash Mill Farm