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The male Osprey was very busy out at Spizzle Creek on Friday.¬†The male made several trips to bring sticks back to the nest. Each time he returned, he spent several minutes tucking it in and re-arranging it to get it just perfect … then the female moved it. This was amusing to watch over and over again. The egrets also put on quite a show.

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Some Osprey shots at Island Beach State Park last week.

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05/09/15 Backyard Birds

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Here’s a small sample of birds that visit each day. This is only the small birds. There are also ospreys, herons, egrets, eagles, swans, ducks, and more. It’s such a wonderful world out back.

1 1-DSC_1775a1xN600

House Finches

2 11-DSC_1928a3N600

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

3 1-DSC_1954a3N600

Female Cardinal


Great Egret

5 3-DSC_1780a1N600

American Goldfinch

6 11-DSC_1757a1N600

Red-winged Blackbird

7 3-DSC_1852a3N600

Male Cardinal

This was our last trip out to the Anza-Borrego Desert. We drove four miles off rode and hiked a short distance to Fonts Point. It’s a pretty incredible location. The hike seems like flat land, but when you get to the end, there is a 1300 foot drop down to the Borrego Badlands. When the crescent moon was up, we could see the rock formations below, but once the moon set, it was just a huge black hole. Except for some great conversation with my good friend, Jack Fusco, there were eight hours of stillness. We were able to catch a few meteors from the tail end of the Lyrid meteor shower. As we packed for the ride home, we heard an owl echo through the canyon. A perfect ending to an awesome adventure.

1 1z-DSC_1068a1600

2 3z-DSC_1062a5x600

Looking over the edge to the Badlands below.

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4 3zz-DSC_0780a7600

5 25-WindTrail600

This was from the Wind Caves.

6 5-DSC_0519x3600

Scouting the area just before dark.

My trek out to San Diego to meet up with my good friend Jack Fusco, headed to the Anzo-Borrego Desert to view the Lyrid meteor shower on Tuesday. I had never been in the desert during the day and now I was spending the entire night there. It’s hard to explain the stillness I experienced. Two and a half hours from San Diego, four miles off road, and one mile up the mountain to reach the Wind Caves. It was an absolutely gorgeous night. Around 2 AM, the Milky Way slowly made it’s appearance over the horizon. We were able to capture several meteors from the Lyrid shower. We shot until daylight and then headed back. A second visit out to the desert was planned for Thursday. Those photos will follow.

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