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Seal Harbor is just down the road from our rental cottage on Mount Desert Island near Acadia National Park, Me.. Most mornings it’s draped in fog. Little Long Pond is such a quiet location that is missed by most visitors. It’s one of my favorite spots to photograph.

1 DSC_3841aN600

Seal Harbor

2 DSC_3803aNx600

Seal Harbor

3 DSC_3885HDR1a600

Little Long Pond

4 DSC_3939HDR1a3VN600

Upper Hadlock Pond

5 DSC_3721aL600

Little Long Pond






I went to Bass Lighthouse on Night 2 in Acadia National Park, Maine. The sky was getting light and the Milky Way was already fading by 3 AM due to the early sun rise.

21 11 DSC_3633a3600

Iridium flare from a satellite

22 1 DSC_3682a15D600

NJ friend Michael Ciuraru shoots the Milky Way


23 7x BassTrailN76005

Star Trails over 60 minutes

24 13 DSC_3702a7V600

Last shot of the night – Seawall Campground

25 DSC_3418a5600

This was the previous night

We have been up at Acadia National Park in Maine for the past two weeks. I have so many images to post, they’ll be coming in rapid fire. These were taken on the first night here. The moon was almost dark, so I headed out as soon as it was dark.

11 3x DSC_3336aM7D600

Twin Meteors Shoot Over Jordan Pond.

12 7 OtterTrailN7600

Star Trail at Otter Cove

13 2 StarTrail7c600

Jordan Pond at Midnight

14 7 DSC_3408a600

Cadillac Mountain

15 5x DSC_3391a3600

Blueberry Fields at Jordan Pond