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So lucky to find my friend on the first day in Acadia. The Barred Owl really blends in with the surroundings and can be tough to see. Pretty sure this is dad. He wasn’t far from the nesting site. Now I need to find mom and the little ones. They were spotted the other day in the same area.

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05/23/17 The Margaret Todd

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Once a year the Margaret Todd, a four mast schooner, comes up on the shore for a paint job. They have about 8 hours between tides to finish the job. There is about a thirteen foot tide differential here at Hulls Cove in Bar Harbor.


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A last visit to Island Beach State Park before we get ready to leave for Acadia National Park in Maine. The ospreys were very active and the “bunker” fish were running. The ospreys were returning with fish all day long. One even seemed to show off his catch by passing directly in front of me several times before heading to the nest.

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Showing Off

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She was not happy with the scraps he brought her.

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106 15-DSC_9724a1mADN960

Snowy Egret


108 3i-DSC_9670a1cmAD1500

Great Egret


Greater Yellowlegs

110 17-DSC_9498a1mA960

Snowy Egret

05/09/17 Cell Tower Eagles

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A few blocks from my home, a pair of Bald Eagles have nested in a Brick cell tower for the last several years. Sometimes they make some pretty low passes across Hooper Avenue as you drive by. Here the female and the male just perch on the tower. I waited two hours for them to fly with no luck this night.




Seaside Park earlier in the day.

05/02/17 Ospreys at IBSP

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I love photographing Ospreys. Island Beach State Park is one of my favorite locations to find them. The park is only a few miles from my home and this time of year I visit it a couple of times a week. Several pairs were still busy building their nests. I’ve noticed all of the “begging” foxes are gone, haven’t seen any in months. I sure hope there are remaining foxes in the brush, hard to find as it should be.

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Little Blue Heron