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08/10/18 Common Loons 2

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I’m posting the second group of Common Loon shots. This pair has been confronting visiting loons all summer. The nesting pair are extremely territorial and will not put up with any visiting loons on their lake. There have been many standoffs and underwater battles. It seems the female does most of the reconnoissance missions to the north end of the lake and the male has been staying with the chicks. So far the resident pair have convinced all the visitors to move on. At the time of this post, the chicks are eleven weeks old and doing well.

501 205 11-D4S_7524a1mLD1500

502 215 17-D4S_7858a1c2960

Crayfish on the menu.

503 237 11z-D4S_1261a1mL1100

504 233 1-D4S_1060a1mLD1500

505 232 23z-D4S_1021a1mLD1500

506 210 21-D4S_7747a1mLD960

Adult female on a recon mission.

507 219 1-D4S_7987a1mL31500

508 228 11-D4S_9403a1m1100

509 206 1z-D4S_7560a1mLD1500

510 239 17-D4S_1359a1960

Female returns.

511 236 7-D4S_1204a1mLD960

512 220 7-D4S_8109a1mLiD1100

513 207 23z-D4S_7656a1mLD960

Dad on right, has a standoff with a visitor.



08/01/18 Hummingbird

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Just some shots of the resident female Ruby-throated Hummingbird out back. She is friendly and allows me to get very close. I love when she flies over and hovers near my face. The little lady fiercely defends her territory and does not tolerate other hummingbirds.

501 1z-D4S_1873a1mLD1100

502 1z-D4S_0747a1cmLD1100


504 1z-D4S_0625a1cmLD1100


506 1-D4S_8788a1cDD1100

507 5-D4S_8928a1cmLD960


509 3-D4S_8801a1c960










07/25/18 Belted Kingfishers

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Belted Kingfishers are one of the most elusive birds to photograph. But, thanks to my friend Ed, who has graciously allowed me access to his beautiful property, it is sometimes possible. A stream runs along the edge of his property and the Kingfishers love to fish in it towards the end of summer. I have spent endless hours in the blinds that he set up. Some days I come up empty; some days I’m rewarded. But, either way, it is always a peaceful day. 101 1-D4S_6944a1mL1100

102 3z-D4S_9836a1cmLDx700

103 17-D4S_0119a1mL1100

104 19-D4S_0175a1mLD700

105 3-D4S_6930a1m1100

They hear my camera shutter.

106 13-D4S_9872a1mLD700

108 1z-D50_6020a1mLD1100

109 1-D4S_0867a1LD1500

My Porcupine Friend

110 9z-IMG_1002aD1960

That’s me … obviously a slow day.


07/10/18 Common Loons 1

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Well, now we come to my favorites. I guess most of you already know that I love loons and how much I look forward to following the several pairs on Mount Desert Island and in Acadia National Park. Several pairs mated and produced chicks this spring; however, only 3 chicks survive as of this date. One pair has two and the other one.  As bad as that sounds, some years there are none that make it. These three are doing well, but there is still a long way to go until they can fledge. I have been busy photographing them from my kayak since June when the adults started sitting on their eggs. The one pair I follow nested on a man-made floating platform this year. Last year they lost their eggs to a mink days before they were due to hatch. This nest provides some added protection against predators.  OK … get ready for mucho loon pics. I will slip in others posts along the way.

101 1-DSC_1174a1mL960

102 1-DSC_8761a11100

Man-made Nest Platform

103 11-DSC_9892a1m700

104 1-DSC_0092a1mL960

Two Eggs

105 3x-DSC_2440a1mLD960

Just a few hours old, the other chick is under her wing.

107 5xx-DSC_2464a1mLD960

106 1z-DSC_3448a1mLD960

Chicks ride on the backs of the adults.

109 1-DSC_3691a1mzl3D960

108 3z-DSC_3448a1mLD960

110 3xx-DSC_3989a1mLD3960

111 5-DSC_3682a1mLD1100

112 7-D4S_7189a1m960


113 3-D4S_7122a1LD1100

17 Days Old

115 202 9-DSC_3706a1c2mLDx1100

116 203 9-D4S_7115a1mLD1500

117 204 13-D4S_7287a1cD1500

114 201 15-DSC_3898a1mLD1100