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09/05/10 Forsythe Preserve

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On Sunday, I went to the Forsythe Preserve in Brigantine, NJ with some friends.  It was kind of quiet and most egrets and herons were at a distance.  At dusk, the sunset painted the sky in red. That’s Atlantic City in the distance. In the afternoon, we sandwiched in a visit to Leaming’s Run in Cape May Courthouse. The gardens are loaded with butterflies and hummingbirds. My buddy Jarpi took the shot of me on the dirt road.

09/05/10 Frog’s Last Breath

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This was not pleasant to watch, but it is nature.  I was shooting the frog on a lily pad and this snake just snatched it up.

I swear I heard it burp!

09/03/10 Hurricane Earl

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I decided to check out the waves at Seaside Park as hurricane Earl was passing.  The waves were not that impressive, but I met some interesting people on the beach. My favorite was a dog named “Coco”.  It was his first trip to the ocean.  He was a little confused when he was hit by the waves. Since he’s a hunting dog, he kept chasing all the sandpipers in the surf.

09/01/10 Butterflies

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Some additional butterfly images from Cattus Island in Toms River, NJ.

09/01/10 Carousel North

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Seaside, NJ has two great carousels.  This is the one at the north pier in Seaside Heights.

09/01/10 Cattus Island

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The butterfly garden in Cattus Island is always a great place to photograph. This deer was just laying in the shade trying to cool off from the extreme heat.  It didn’t seem to mind the camera.

08/29/10 Ann’s Birthday

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This past Sunday I photographed a friend’s 90th birthday.  Ann is quite the pretty woman at 90.  Here are some interesting faces from the party.

The Birthday Girl