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07/19/11 Acadia

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Out around 5 AM roaming the park loop. These were taken just past Sand Beach, my next destination.




07/18/11 Porcupine Islands

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The Porcupine Islands shot from Cadillac Mountain Monday night. This is the second trip of many to the summit. The colors at dusk and dawn are incredible.

07/16/11 Otter Cliffs

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We spent the evening at Otter Cliffs along the coast in Acadia Park. It’s an amazing place at dusk.

07/15/11 Jordan Pond

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A few shots from Jordan Pond late last night. The mosquitos are the size of hummingbirds!


Hiked the south side of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia.  It kicked my butt, but the views were incredible. All hiking photos were taken with a Nikon P7000, a point and shoot (too lazy to drag my D700).

That's me!

That's Sharon.


The weather changes so fast up here, I had a very short window of good light.

Seal Harbor

The Margaret Todd in the Frenchman Bay.

Ocean Path in Bar Harbor.

Caught this on the way home.

Bar Harbor Inn overlooking the Frenchman Bay.

Seal Harbor

07/11/11 Little Long Pond

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Just down the road from where we stay …