01/27/11 Asbury Park

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since I’m now part of The Gallery 13 in Asbury Park, I’m trying to build a portfolio with some local images.  As I explore Asbury, I am growing to love this area. There is so much history behind this town. A great place to roam around for a day. The boardwalk area is rebuilding at a fast pace. Plenty of restaurants, antique shops, galleries, and other great places.

The old Carousel building.

The Casino on the boardwalk.

The east end of Convention Hall.

Convention Hall

  1. Gregory DeAngelsi says:

    Absolutely Wonderful!

  2. denisebushphoto says:

    Great images Ray — the kind of stuff I LOVE. How about a photo tour sometime? I know nothing about Asbury Park.

  3. rtyblog says:

    Thanks Greg and Denise. Denise, I would love to show you around Asbury Park. I’m usually at The Gallery 13 on Thursday and Sunday. Stop by one day, my hours are listed on the website. Or just email me when you would like to come up … Ray.

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