09/06/12 Fox – Island Beach State Park

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I spent the afternoon with this little guy down at Island Beach State Park.  He became quite comfortable with the camera, even took a nap with me sitting a few feet away. No matter how many times I see these animals, it’s always a thrill when they allow you this close.

  1. Tracey Dubey says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. B. Benson says:

    thank you for such wonderful photography to remind us that we live in a beautiful area surrounded by nature’s gifts…we should all stop and take notice

  3. what a beautiful creature……to think they are hunted for their fur is disgraceful……thanks for posting these great pictures

  4. Emanuele Acquafredda says:

    Love the photos! I am always on the look out for these guys when we go to the park.

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