12/17/12 Seaside Heights

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was able to get in Seaside Heights for a short time early Monday morning.  The area is opening up to the public, but the beach and boardwalk are off limits. Jo HendleyLily Pannella (friends from The Gallery 13) and myself made it up to the beach before daylight. Eventually, we were asked to leave and were escorted to the bridge.

1 DSC_2814aL7600c

2z DSC_3052HDR1aL9bZ600

3 DSC_2823aL7b600b

4 DSC_3092HDR1a3600

5 DSC_3014aL600

6 DSC_3034a3Lb600d

7 DSC_2880aBLz600

  1. johendley says:

    Sweet Ray. It was another good day there.

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